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Welcome to SST Alumni Association
Welcome to the Alumni page, where you can find all things related to our association. All SST graduates are automatically enrolled in the Alumni Association - no dues or registration required. As the SST Alumni Association (SSTAA), we strive to serve alumni, promote a spirit of cooperation and fellowship among our SST graduates, and encourage the development of lifelong relationships across all graduating years. With our association serving over 850+ alumni members, we have developed new events and initiatives to aid our alumni in their professional pursuits. We are proud to say that our largest initiative is our annual SSTAA Scholarships, which seek to provide financial assistance in our alumni educational endeavors! If we learned anything as SST students, it is that SST is not simply just a school or a district, but an extended family that one can continue to depend on long after graduation.
We are so happy to welcome you to our SST Alumni Association Family - Feel free to look around and contact us at any time.
Kind Regards,
SST Alumni Association

SSTAA provides multi-level scholarships to provide financial assistance to all current SST seniors and SST Alumni. From the founding year of SSTAA to today, we have awarded over $71,000 in scholarships to our SST family.


Select which scholarship you meet the requirements for. Only one scholarship application is allowed per applicant.


Fill out the scholarship application and upload all needed documents by the due date.


All scholarships will go through a judging process and winners will be contacted after judging is complete.
*Must prove Full-Time enrollment upon receiving scholarship*
Senior - Bronze  - $1,000
● Minimum GPA: 3. 0
Senior - Silver - $1,500
● Minimum GPA: 3.5
Senior - Gold - $2,500
● Minimum GPA: 4.0
Alumni- Bronze - $1,000
● Minimum GPA: 2.5
● Currently enrolled full-time .
Alumni- Silver - $1,500
● Minimum GPA: 3.0
● Currently enrolled full-time.
Alumni- Gold - $2,500
● Minimum GPA: 3.5
● Currently enrolled full-time.
Ivy League Scholar - $5,000
● Minimum GPA: 3.0
● Must be/ will attend an Ivy League School

Scholarship Recipient Testimonies
The scholarship program is made possible by annual fundraisers conducted by every SST campus and from generous community partners. The scholarship program is open to graduating seniors and college-attending alumni. Your continued support opens up the doors for our students to go and stay in college. 
Thank you for making dreams come true. 
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President’s Welcome
“Esteemed alumni,
As a graduate of the Class of 2021, I am absolutely ecstatic to be able to continue working to
create a welcoming association alongside my fellow officers! To say I am a proud member of the
SST family would be an understatement, but above all, I want to ensure that our growing alumni
community remains our top priority every step of the way. I speak for all of our officers when I say
that being able to engage with each of you means the world to us - which we hope we can
continue doing both with past graduates and future alumni. May SSTAA help you with your future
endeavors and remain a welcome space for everyone!”
- Mia R, President
Meet your SSTAA Board Officers
Mia RMia R.
SSTAA President
Mia graduated from the class of 2021 and is now pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with
Honors on the Mind, Brain Behavior Track with a Secondary in Sociology.
Contact us:
Instagram - @sstalumni Email - [email protected]
Address: 1450 NE Loop, San Antonio, TX 78209