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Superintendent's Message

Dear Parents,


We welcome you as a parent knowing that SST cannot be successful without your involvement and support. SST recognizes the important partner you are in the education of your children. By working together as a team of educators, parents, students, and community, we can provide the instruction and support that each child needs to grow and excel. Together we will make great things happen for SST and for each student we serve.


The success SST has enjoyed in the last fifteen years is based on a strong parent-school bond that puts children first. SST will continue to move forward with that basic value so that each student can receive a high-quality education aligned with their needs and potential.


To new and returning students and families I extend a warm welcome for a successful year. SST has demonstrated a solid record of high achievement. With your support as a parent, this year will be no different for our SST family.



Fawzy Shemshack M.Ed