Child Nutrition

Student Meal Accounts
Each student has a meal account onto which a parent/guardian will deposit money. The student may purchase breakfast/lunch meals or a la carte milk from this account. Money may be deposited in the account by online payments (via Parent Square or Square Meals) or by check/money order at the campus front office. 
In the event the account balance reaches $0, the student will be allowed to charge up to the negative balance limit of -$10.00. Once the debt balance limit is reached, the student will be required to bring a lunch from home until the account reflects a positive balance or until a meal application is submitted and approved for free meals. 
Note that a student who later submits a meal application and is approved for reduced meals will still need to pay down the negative balance before receiving a reimbursable meal. Students who accumulate a negative balance and later submit a meal application and are approved for free meals begin receiving a reimbursable meal immediately. However, the household is still responsible for the negative balance.
Free/Reduced Price Meal Application
Families may fill out a meal application online at any time through SchoolCafe.   Once an application is received, the campus has 10 business days to validate the application.  You may check your account on SchoolCafe for eligibility status and will receive a letter with eligibility status from the campus. SST is dedicated to providing meals and activities that support a healthy and balanced. 
When registering your child to SchoolCafé, you will be asked to select your student’s school district:
SST District:
Champions College Prep HS
San Antonio College Prep HS
Schertz Early Elementary
The Woodlands
SST Discovery District:
Corpus Christi Early Elementary
Corpus Christi Elementary
Corpus Christi College Prep HS
Hill Country
Hill Country College Prep HS
Sugar Land
Sugar Land College Prep HS
Special Dietary Needs
Special dietary accommodations may be made for students who have official documentation signed by a medical authority.  Once completed, please turn the form into the Lunch Clerk at your child’s campus.
Birthday Celebrations
SST allows the celebration of a student’s birthday by bringing store-bought individually wrapped treats or store-bought cupcakes to be passed out to students. Treats may not be passed out during any meal service (breakfast or lunch), but may be passed out at the end of the school day as determined by the campus administrators.
Fast Food
Fast food shall not be delivered to the campus with the expectation that the campus staff will provide delivery of food to the student.  All fast food must be hand delivered by the parent/guardian and provided to the student during the student’s lunch period.  Check with your campus for your student’s lunch period time.
SST Wellness Policy

Lunch Menu

Please select your campus from the link below to access your menu from Nutrislice. SchoolCafe does not hold the lunch menus.