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At SST, we are always looking to expand our reach deeper into our communities. One way we will be doing that this year is through the SST Online Academy. This new virtual school will offer real-time instructional learning as well as self-paced asynchronous learning in order to achieve the most well-rounded educational approach.  In addition, a fully asynchronous option will be available for qualified students who require maximum flexibility in their schedules. In this first year, the program is only available for 5th and 6th-grade students. SST will provide a high-speed hotspot as well as a computer at no cost to enrolled families.

If this is a program that fits the needs of your 5th - 7th-grade student, please be encouraged to apply.

If you have friends and family in Bexar County, Harris County, Nueces County, Travis County, or the areas surrounding those counties, please let them know that they now have an opportunity at a better education toward a better future with SST Online Academy! 

We are excited to be bringing SST Online Academy into the digital world and look forward to a successful school year that will begin on Monday, August 22nd.