Scholarship Program

scholarship recipient

We believe our SST children are the future.

That’s why we are educating and preparing them to be leaders in their communities. We know their journey doesn’t stop at high school as many of our students have their eyes set on a college education to pursue their dreams. Astronauts, engineers, or scientists, the possibilities are endless with a founding education from SST. To continue their education, we want to secure their earned college spots with a scholarship from SST.

About our Annual Scholarship Fundraiser and Program


A financial headstart for our students who are graduating or have graduated from SST is our way of keeping the college doors open and supporting their dreams. Each year, we will be collecting donations from each campus to go towards our Scholarship Program that benefits eligible SST seniors and SST alumni. Even more so, our funds will be contributing to a scholarship bank to ensure that one day, an SST kindergarten student who graduates from SST will have the opportunity to apply for the SST Scholarship to get them set up in the college of their choice.

The SST Scholarship Program is a partnership with the Riverwalk Education Foundation and the SST Alumni Association. The Scholarship Program provides multi-level scholarships to provide financial assistance to all current SST seniors and SST Alumni.

How to apply for our Scholarship Program

Our Scholarship Program opens every Spring for seniors and Alumni to apply (a button will appear below when applications are open). An external Scholarship Committee with role models from our community will review the applicants and select the recipients for the 2023-2024 school year.

The scholarship program is just one way our younger students can support our seniors. It's also shown in our annual Senior-Kinder graduation walk in Corpus Christi where both grades are supporting each other. Just as the young SST students have their eyes on the SST seniors graduating high school, they also have the knowledge of one day receiving a scholarship from SST.  
About the SST Alumni Association
The SST Alumni Association is organized to serve alumni, promote a spirit of cooperation and fellowship among alumni, and encourage the development of lifelong relationships between alumni across all graduating years. The Association has over 700+ alumni members.