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Dear SST Family,

Governor Greg Abbott has announced through an executive order that schools across Texas will remain closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. All SST campuses in San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Houston are complying with this order. The Governor’s action serves to protect the health and safety of students, staff and the community. Remote instruction and meal distribution will continue.

Our SST teachers, staff and leadership have worked non-stop to both deliver engaging instruction and to allow students opportunities to successfully complete grade level goals. I have had the pleasure of viewing some outstanding lessons delivered by rock star teachers. Adjusting to remote delivery and mastering remote teaching skills has been a steep learning curve. SST is improving distance learning instruction each day, and I am grateful to our entire SST team and our parents for the advancements we have made in a short time. It takes all of us working together to help our children succeed.

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged education, and it has posed unexpected changes in our daily lives. Economic difficulties have permeated our government, institutions, and businesses and have touched many families. These challenges often are a heavy burden and stressful. If any parent is experiencing academic or other difficulties that SST can help address, please start by calling your child’s teacher and next the principal. There are resources available, and we want to help families connect with community support.

I am proud of how SST has responded. Together will we complete this school year and look back with pride at how we came together to successfully complete the 2019-2020 school year. We are doing our best to support each student each day, and at the same time, we are looking ahead to determine how we will make up for any lost learning and reopen schools in August. Again, it takes all of us working together to see that all students are successful. We will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to support the success of our students.

With gratitude,

Mehmet Nalcaci

Dear SST Family,

Today Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order to close all schools in Texas, both public and private, until Monday, May 4. The gravity of this announcement emphasizes the pressing and urgent need to shelter at home. There is no cure or vaccination for COVID-19, and social distancing presents the best course of action to stop it.

The executive order issued by Governor Abbott impacts six million Texas children, and abiding by the COVID-19 recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is critical to protecting all children and vulnerable individuals. We must each do our part to halt COVID-19.

In a recent message I stated that SST will do whatever it takes for as long as it takes. We are more committed than ever to serve SST children, parents and staff in ways that support learning and thriving as individuals, families and an educational community. All our SST family has responded remarkably to this unparalleled, fast paced public health challenge.

We are strong, resilient and innovative. We will grow through this experience by working together and by taking positive action. We will keep you updated through emails, texts and social media. Again, I am grateful to each one of you and all that you are doing.


Mehmet Nalcaci

Dear SST Family,

This is a challenging time for all of us. We receive information daily that impacts plans and decisions. Based on the most current information and stay at home orders, the School of Science and Technology is extending distance learning for all SST campuses in Corpus Christi and San Antonio through Friday, April 24. No decision has been made to extend distance learning for SST Houston campuses beyond April 10. A decision for Houston campuses will be made on April 6, as shared in an earlier message, or sooner. The curbside meal program will continue as it is. Though we are hopeful that SST campuses can reopen before the end of the school year, SST is prepared to do whatever is necessary for as long as necessary to support each of you.

While this has been a difficult time, I am proud of the response of our SST family. SST campus leadership, teachers and staff have adapted quickly to support students and their families. Parents have been equally responsive, and I appreciate each parent who has made the adjustments and provided the support their children need to continue learning. Together we can make this a productive time for our children, and through our example, we can demonstrate the importance of working together as a community.

Principals and teachers are working diligently to provide the support children and families need. Teachers and instructional specialists remain committed to providing high-quality, engaging instruction through online platforms. Please communicate directly with them if you have concerns or questions.
Our central office team is in daily contact with health and educational institutions at local, state and national levels that support educational leadership in making the best decisions possible. We will continue to update you on any developments through our websites, social media, Parent Square and other methods.

Our SST family is strong and innovative, and I commend each of you for all you are doing in service to children and families. The safety and well-being of our SST family is the priority in all our decisions during these fluid and rapidly changing time

Mehmet Nalcaci

Food Distribution Update:

In response to the school closures scheduled through April 10, SST schools are working to address the nutritional needs of our students by providing drive-through food distribution.


Beginning Monday, March 23 from 11am – 1pm, drive-through food distribution will be offered at select SST campuses across the districts Monday through Friday. Food will be provided based on one meal per student/child 18 years and under. The student/child does not have to attend SST schools in order to receive a meal. Drive-through food will consist of one breakfast meal and one lunch meal.

Distribution Sites:

School of Science and Technology Discovery
5707 Bandera Road, San Antonio, TX 78238
Map Directions:

School of Science and Technology CC- Elementary
6633 Evans Road, Corpus Christi, TX 78413
Map Directions:

SST- Sugarland
10007 Clodine Road, Richmond, TX 77407
Map Directions:

School of Science and Technology-Excellence
330 N Sam Houston Pkwy E, Houston, TX 77060
Map Directions:

Distribution Dates:

Beginning March 23, 2020 through April 10th, 2020 (Date change will be announced if there is no participation at each campus)

Distribution Times: 11am – 1pm

Process: Food will be distributed to vehicles in the pick-up areas. One meal per child will be provided to children 18 years and under. No one will be allowed to enter the building.

If you need other help during this time, please visit 2-1-1 Texas or call 211. No matter where you live in Texas, you can dial 2-1-1, or (877) 541-7905, and find information about resources in your local community. Whether you need help finding food or housing, child care, crisis counseling or substance abuse treatment, 2-1-1 can help you.

Dear School of Science and Technology Family,

The School of Science and Technology will be closed through April 10, 2020 systemwide (San Antonio, Houston, and Corpus Christi). This decision was made in line with guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as state and local health organizations and educational systems. SST administration will re-evaluate on Monday, April 6, to determine whether a longer closure beyond April 10 will be necessary.
Teachers and campus leaders will be in contact with parents and students. Two major areas that may concern you are instruction and nutrition.

Instruction: We know that there is no software program or learning packet that can substitute your child’s teacher; however, we will do everything in our capacity to minimize the academic impact of this unforeseen event.

• During the closure SST leadership, teachers and staff will work from home to address instructional needs by providing online and print materials.
• An online folder with instructional material (by grade and content area) will be shared with all parents and students by Friday, March 20.
• Students without access to computers at home can pick up printed packets at their campus offices on Monday and Tuesday from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
• These high-quality instructional materials, designed by SST teachers and the curriculum department, are for self-study or self-study with home support and guidance.
• Students are also asked to work on their weekly instructional software program goals by logging in through their Clever accounts.

Nutrition: Families will be able to pick up breakfast and lunch meals for students during the closure. Parents will receive more detailed information about pick up times and locations. A list of other feeding sites provided in each city will be included so parents have options for convenient pick up.

SST will continue to closely monitor the situation during the closure and provide operational updates as necessary. At this moment, our local, national and global communities are working together in service to each other and the most vulnerable individuals among us. I appreciate your patience and commitment in doing what each of us can to do minimize the impact of the Corona virus while continuing to support learning and our children.

Stay healthy, and thank you for your ongoing support,
Mehmet Nalcaci
SST Superintendent

Dear School of Science and Technology Family,

The School of Science and Technology has maintained regular contact with local, state and federal health officials in Houston, Corpus Christi and San Antonio to monitor COVID-19 situations in each city. The safety and health of students and staff are our first priorities during this challenging time.

  • Based on the most current information and guidance provided by health officials, SST has made a decision to extend Spring Break for one more week in Houston, San Antonio and Corpus Christi. School is expected to resume in Houston, San Antonio and Corpus Christi on Monday, March 23. All extracurricular activities, practices and other events are suspended during this closure.
  • This decision is made to help prevent exposure to students, staff and the community. While this will present some challenges for working parents of young, school-aged children, it is important to the long-term health and safety of children, staff and the community.
  • The SST leadership will continue to monitor COVID-19 in Houston, Corpus Christi and San Antonio and will provide updates whenever necessary. We will work with CDC, TEA and all other local and state agencies in case of more extension required and remote education options.
  • The SST leadership is reviewing remote education as an option for students. Parents and staff will be informed of any decisions that are made.
  • It is important that all members of our SST family continue to follow the recommendations from the Center for Disease Control.
  • All staff members are expected to stay within the city to be prepared for remote education options in case the school closure is extended.
  • Keep yourself informed by monitoring CDC website on the coronavirus daily at For more specific information related to Texas please check:

I appreciate your patience and understanding. Again, these measures are taken to protect our students and staff and we will update you as we have more information.

With warm regards,

Mehmet Nalcaci

Dear School of Science and Technology Family,

With Spring Break in full effect, we want to reassure you that we are working diligently at the School of Science and Technology (SST) District to stay updated on the latest developments, related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our area. We have partnered with our city and state officials in order to obtain any breaking information that should be shared with the public, and most importantly with our SST families. Transparency is of the utmost importance and we want to make sure that we keep all of you updated. As of right now, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in any of our SST campuses, however we have ordered that all of our SST campuses be deep cleaned and sanitized over spring break.

In the event of a confirmed case that affects our SST school(s), we have response plans in place that will guide our next steps. SST is prepared for numerous scenarios, and we realize each case will have unique circumstances. First, we will determine who is involved in the case and then take the next steps necessary per our local and state officials. There are many factors to consider before deciding what action to take. Important points to remember.

If any student is asked by Metro Health to self-quarantine, we will support them by providing study materials so students can work from home.
Custodial teams are prepared with decontamination equipment and will work around the clock as needed.
Plans for alternative instruction will be issued in the event of a closure for the entire school.

Any closures or other pertinent information related to SST will be emailed, posted on ParentSquare, and social media. This is where you will find accurate, reliable information. Please use your best judgment if you see concerning information on another site and reach out to us to get the facts.


For families who might be traveling internationally during spring break, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is a great place to review travel bans and warnings. You can get important recommendations and travel advisories at the CDC website.

** If you are planning to travel, we kindly ask you to fill out our SST Travel Survey to help us keep track of all of our students traveling outside their local city. **

Click here to fill out SST Travel Survey

SST has always put children first, and this is no different. The health of your children and our SST family is our top priority. As always, I appreciate your ongoing support of our students and our SST community.

Have a wonderful Spring Break.


Mehmet Nalcaci

Dear School of Science and Technology Family,

Every hour of the day we are provided with information from the news and social media about the coronavirus. With the continuous onslaught of information, it is normal to be concerned. The School of Science and Technology approaches learning and problem solving based on science and facts, and the same is true with the coronavirus. SST staff are in daily contact with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization(WHO), The Texas Department of Health Services (TDHS) and the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District (SAMHD) about the status of the virus and how to protect our students.

SST is taking all the measures recommended by reliable health sources such as the CDC and the TDHS to provide a safe environment for students and staff. Campus and district health staff are working diligently to keep classes and facilities sanitized as recommended by the SAMHC. The steps to protect our SST family against the corona virus is much the same as preventing the spread of the common cold and the flu. Please join us in reinforcing these steps with your children and family. This is a learning opportunity and adults who practice the steps provide a strong role model.

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with the inside of your elbow when you cough or sneeze.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

Though the risk is considered low at the present time, SST is prepared to respond. Though school closures are not anticipated at this time, SST is prepared. Based on Texas Education Agency history school closures occur when 15-25% of students and/or staff are absent. As a system we are being proactive about keeping our campuses clean and are ordering that all of our San Antonio campuses be deep cleaned.

Again, be assured that SST is monitoring the coronavirus situation continuously. I encourage you to check updated information from the CDC on the coronavirus daily at . For more specific information related to Texas please check: .

SST has always put children first, and this is no different. The health of your children and our SST family is our top priority. As always, I appreciate your ongoing support of our students and our SST community.

With warm regards,

Mehmet Nalcaci