Student Uniforms

School Uniforms

SST has a uniform to help create a safe and orderly environment, instill discipline, and eliminate competition and distractions caused by varied dress styles. You will be expected to arrive in dress code every day. Please cooperate, display modesty and neatness, and take pride in these clean, neat and attractive uniforms. We rely on your common sense and your parents’ and/or guardians’ support in helping maintain this dress code. Most of the uniform items can be purchased from the school and/or from the companies suggested by the school.
Please Note
If you arrive at school out of uniform, your parents will be called. You will be kept out of classes until you are dressed appropriately and all class time you miss will count as an unexcused absence. The staff reserves the right to determine and restrict unbecoming styles. If a student is dressed or groomed inappropriately, parents will be called to bring a change of clothes. Violations of the dress guidelines will result in incremental disciplinary action.
View our school uniform and personal appearance guidelines below for more information on uniforms for each grade level.