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Why Should I Consider a STEM Education For My Child?

Why Should I Consider a STEM Education For My Child?

STEM EducationSending your child to the nearby elementary school was the only choice for education in the past, but public charter schools are aiming to change that fact. Currently, many schools are popping up that aren’t typical public or private institutions. STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math schools are becoming more popular than ever for every age group between kindergarten and senior high school. Take a look at why you should consider a STEM education for your child.


Collaboration Simulates Real Life

There are very few jobs in the adult world where employees work in isolated conditions, such as writers. When kids enter a STEM education school, most of the day is centered around collaboration with others. Kids work in groups to solve a problem as opposed to working out equations on a sheet of paper. Because these specialized schools simulate real life, kids will be more attuned to adulthood once they learn all of the skills to get them there. Social skills are sorely needed in this world today too because technology both binds and isolates people in record numbers.

Hands-On Learning Versus Lecture-Based Teaching

Every child learns skills in different ways. Some kids prefer a visual demonstration, whereas others benefit from a written-out description. At STEM public charter schools, most of the learning is through hands-on techniques. Students use all of their senses to understand a concept and apply it through laboratory work. Sitting at a desk for an hour while taking notes isn’t conducive to a truly, immersive experience. You’ll learn the curriculum faster with better recall when a hands-on component is part of the process. STEM classes rarely place the student at a desk without a project to complete or analyze.

Individualized Pacing

A common complaint among students, including San Antonio kids, is boredom within the classroom. The teacher is either going too slow or extremely fast. These professionals must gauge the class’s overall progress before moving away from a subject. In contrast, STEM classrooms are built around individualized pacing. Students are able to go slower if they need more time, or faster if they accelerate in a particular assignment because the curriculum has that flexibility. There are deadlines to follow, however, so that everyone has a collective pace that matches the grade level. If your child thrives on self-pacing, a STEM environment is a good place to flourish.

Exponential Growth in Countless Industriespublic charter schools

Another reason why these public charter schools are smart alternatives is the future job opportunities. Technology sectors will only continue to grow as science advances. There must be a worker supply coming from the school systems in order to keep up with retiring employees. STEM students today will probably have no problems with employment as long as they keep their grades up. A nearly guaranteed job after high school and college is great motivation to try a STEM curriculum.


Normalizing Subject Overlap through STEM Education

Traditional schools divide the curriculum out between subject areas. English skills aren’t expected in math or history, but this practice doesn’t reflect real life. When students attend a STEM school, almost every subject is blended together. This strategy reflects real life. Your child will be expected to write a quality essay in science class when describing a lab that was just completed. By combining all of the subjects together, the real world will be easier to transition into after college.

When you compare San Antonio public charter schools, you’ll notice that they’re entirely tuition-free establishments. The curriculum is dedicated to bettering the community through learning about technology and beyond. A STEM education is a good match for any child who craves knowledge and unique experiences.

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