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Parents are an integral part of the educational team at all School of Science and Technology campuses. SST works to strengthen the parent-school partnership by making home visits. SST keeps the line of communication open with parents through emails, text messages and face to face meetings.

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The amount of respect, support and commitment to my sons’ futures is mirrored with each child. There is a shared interest in both cases and I know that the teachers and staff see the potential in each of my children and it is comforting to know that they work hard to help them reach that potential.

—SST Parent

SST believes the staff and parents are a team, working with the child towards his/her success. I have never seen a school care about the academic levels of EVERY child in the school. They give a whole new meaning to no child left behind. AND they listen to parents.

—SST Parent
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SST also provides online information to keep parents current on important achievement information. This includes: grades, status of homework assignments (missing, late), schedule, attendance records, discipline points and test results.

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SST has been a great fit for my child. The academics are strong and the teachers keep him interested and motivated. As a single mom, I appreciate that the teachers are also strong role models. The academics and character education let me know he is being prepared to succeed and be a caring member of our community.

—SST Parent

I love SST. I searched for months for a school that would challenge my son academically and provide him with enough teacher interaction to make sure that he succeeds. SST has definitely done that. The teachers here really care about the progress of the students and love the subjects they teach. There are numerous after school clubs and opportunities for the kids and more are always being added. The teachers are very well educated and dedicated. Great job, SST!

—SST Parent
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