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School of Science & Technology visits the Kiii-TV studios

CORPUS CHRISTI (KIII NEWS) – Students from School of Science & Technology – Corpus Christi visited Kiii-TV studios on Monday morning.

The students learned what it is like to be an anchor and also how the studio equipment is used to broadcast on air.

Also a couple teachers at the School of Science and Technology in Corpus Christi received quite an honor Friday. They were named Teachers of the Year.

“I think what is noticible to people is the relationships I’ve created with my students,” second-grade teacher Lori Longoria said. “The time it takes and the effort to build these relationships with each and every student.”

It is Longoria’s first year teaching at the school and since she began teaching seven years ago, she has also continued her education. She said the award winners were nominated by their coworkers.

“It’s amazing. The kids have worked so hard. A lot of it is the contribution to how much the kids put in the classroom and the administration being able to see that they’re able to succeed outside of the classroom,” middle and high school teacher Krystal Moreno said.

Both Longoria and Moreno were named Teachers of the Year.

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