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College Prep Starts in What Grade at Charter Schools?

College Prep Starts in What Grade at Charter Schools?

college prepWhen you look at typical course descriptions for public schools in your area, preparation for college is typically limited to the high school years. At this age, students understand the importance of college, and their curriculum is usually geared towards advanced classes. However, getting ready for college should start at a much younger age. When kids attend a Public Charter school, college prep begins at the kindergarten level and will continue throughout their education.

Kindergarten is Prime Time

It seems like just yesterday, kindergarten was more of a child care class where you had story time, practiced your coloring and took naps. Today’s five- and six-year-olds have the benefit of many years of research behind their schooling. This age group is open to new ideas, and they aim to please their caregivers. Introducing new concepts, such as language arts and simple numbers increases the interest in daily activities. Fun and socialization are still part of the K-12 public schools, but with an emphasis on fundamental ideas. It’s not unusual to mix science, math and social studies into an average, kindergarten class.

The “Sponge” Factor

Studying children’s minds goes back many decades, and educators know that young minds are similar to sponges. In children as young as the preschool age, the brain simply wants to soak in the information presented in daily activities. This “sponge” factor continues into kindergarten, which makes college prep a perfect addition to any classroom. Kids may not realize that they’re learning core concepts at this age because the learning process is considered to be fun and interactive. San Antonio teachers need an engaging course of study to continue this advanced preparation.

Solidifying Learning Skills with College Prep

It’s a well-known fact that some struggling students get left behind as the elementary years move forward. Your advanced second grader may struggle as sixth grade commences. K-12 public schools with college preparation can help every student succeed. The learning concepts introduced in kindergarten and beyond will shore up basic skills. Reading comprehension, taking effective notes and other skills are quickly learned and internalized during the younger years. As children enter middle and high school, these skills help them cultivate stellar grades with information retention.

Accelerating the Learning Curvecollege prep, k-12 public schools

You want to see your kids soar with their academics, and college preparation classes will make that possible. Children reading at their appropriate grade level can continue into more complex vocabulary. It’s possible for a kindergartener to sound out basic words found in first- or second-grade books. It’s not unheard of for a fifth grader to read at a high-school level. Accelerating the learning curve is part of college preparation. The vocabulary found in college textbooks will trip up some readers if they don’t become accustomed to the reading at a younger age.

Competition Remains Fierce

Attending Kindergarten with college preparation classes is the only way to remain competitive for a good university. You may already know that a college degree is a requirement for a person to have a solid career. When children are exposed to this information as early as possible, they have a chance to flourish. As high schoolers apply for college, they’ll have a better chance than other applicants when their curriculum reflects an advanced pace. Competition is fierce at any higher institution today.

Touring San Antonio K-12 public schools with an emphasis on early college prep is possible by contacting the campus and setting up an appointment. Administrators are more than willing to show you around and explain teaching methods used to engage the students. With a mixture of fun and academics, college-preparation classes will benefit kindergarteners for years to come in their education.

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