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STEM Fair at SST

  After weeks of work, students at last got to present their scientific findings at the fifth annual STEM Fair. Hosted by the School of Science and Technology in Corpus Christi, the STEM Fair focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Students worked on a wide range of projects in the STEM fields to […]

Best SAT scores in 2016

A Texas Education Agency report detailed the average SAT scores for schools across the San Antonio area and School of Science and Technology has one of the Best SAT scores in 2016. The average 2016 SAT score of all students is 1456.  

SST offers Full-Day Pre-K Program

Why Choose SST Pre-K Program? While many continue to study the lasting effects of academics of a full-day pre-K program compared to half-day pre-k program, we believe that most research already indicates that an extended-day program of good quality has a dramatic effect on a child’s learning across a wide range of knowledge and skills.   […]

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